DARKTHRONE’s FENRIZ Slams ‘Lords Of Chaos’ Film: ‘Worst Idea Since Un-Sliced Bread’


DARKTHRONE‘s Fenriz has slammed “Lords of Chaos” film saying “it is the worst idea since un-sliced bread.”

He wrote on Facebook: “About this movie concerning our black metal situation in the late 80s and early 90s (lords of chaos): IT IS THE WORST IDEA SINCE UN-SLICED BREAD (quote me, please, and share this vividly PLEASE).”

In his recent YouTube video, Varg Vikernes took a shot at “Lords of Chaos” director Jonas Åkerlund, calling him an “absolute idiot” while addressing two of the film’s central points he regards as “absolute nonsense.”

He said: “‘Lords of Chaos,’ the film. A film about idiots, according to the director. I think he used the wrong preposition. It’s a film by idiots, isn’t it?

“I saw that BBC talked about the film, and described it as a ‘true story.’ And this brought a smile to my face because whenever the BBC says that, you can be sure that it’s not the true story.

“And according to the makers of this, film, it’s based on ‘the truth and lies.’ They don’t really tell you the percentage of truth they based it on and the percentage of lies they based it on, but they say that themselves.

“But still, BBC, according to them, it’s the true story. In this little video, I’m going to discuss two things that I get a lot of questions about. Did Euronymous really have a girlfriend?… And did Euronymous really cut his own hair?

“Euronymous was a homosexual in the closet. He hadn’t left the closet yet, but we all know what he was and where he was. This, of course, makes the completely made-up character Ann-Marit in the movie rather ludicrous.