DAVE MURRAY Wants IRON MAIDEN To Retire, According To Latest Report

Iron Maiden 2021

In a new video posted on his official YouTube channel, respectable Brazilian music critic Regis Tadeu said that if it had been up to guitarist Dave Murray, British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN would have already finished touring.

In the video, topic was brought up of IRON MAIDEN‘s potential retirement, where Tadeu said (via Whiplash and translated by Google Translate): “I have no doubt that when IRON MAIDEN says it’s going to end, they’ll keep their word. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again: there is an IRON MAIDEN member who, if it was up to him exclusively, the band would already have stopped touring.

“It’s Dave Murray. He’s the guy who misses the family the most. He has a granddaughter, that’s information I know from inside people who work with IRON MAIDEN. Now, without a doubt, when it stops it will stop. It’s not the same as KISS, who does a lot of farewell tours and when it’s the real farewell, nobody will believe it.”

During an appearance on a episode of Full Metal Jackie earlier this year, IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson discussed the band’s longevity and if the band has plans to retire in following years.

“We’re not planning to retire at all, really,” Dickinson said. “I think we’ll probably drop dead onstage. I can think of worse places to drop dead. But no, we’re not planning on retiring. We’re all still firing away [with] loads of energy and loads of enthusiasm, so I can’t wait to get back together [with the other guys to start rehearsing for the upcoming tour].

“With respect to our fans, we’ve got generations of fans now,” Bruce continued. “Even at [my] spoken-word shows, I can crack jokes about the age of the audience only because half the audience is, like, my age, but the other half of the audience is often way, way younger. So it’s brilliant.

“We’ve got this whole intergenerational thing going. And, obviously, at the MAIDEN shows, it’s even bigger, the emphasis on that. And huge numbers of women. It’s fantastic. ‘Cause it always used to be cliché, back when I was starting in the early ’80s, that heavy metal was just, like, misogynist, male-dominated stuff… But no, it’s not true. There’s loads and loads of heavy metal fans who are girls.”