DEE SNIDER Criticizes KISS, OZZY And SCORPIONS For Refusing To Retire: ‘I See People Singing ‘Crazy Nights’ And They’re Not So Crazy Any More’

Gene Simmons Dee Snider Ozzy Osbourne

Dee Snider, the former vocalist of TWISTED SISTER, who disbanded for the final time in 2016, criticized other bands during a Q&A session for his recent novel, Frats, in Livonia, Michigan. He expressed disapproval of those bands who persistently tour or declare their retirement only to retract their decision later. Although Snider has not officially announced his own departure from touring, he suggested in the session that he may not embark on tours anymore.

“I lost the willingness to get old on stage,” he said. “I’d rather walk off with some dignity and leave you guys with a positive memory, saying, ‘We wanted more,’ than to overstay your welcome and say, ‘Gee, when is this guy gonna get off the f**king stage, man?’

He then subtly criticized some of his peers, who he believed have lingered too long in the spotlight, making an implied dig at KISS.

“I see people singing “Crazy Nights” and they’re not so crazy anymore,” Snider said, referring to KISS’ 1987 hit. “I’m not gonna name names.”

He subsequently expressed criticism towards bands that retract their retirement declarations, specifically referencing Ozzy Osbourne and SCORPIONS.

“I always *itch about people who retire, sell us the ‘No More Tours’ shirt – Ozzy – and then come back a few years later, ‘We love you, we love you.’ That’s bulls**t. And people say, ‘Well, that’s f**ked up.’ No, stay forever, man. Stay forever. We don’t want you to leave. Just don’t do a three-year farewell tour – SCORPIONS – and then say you changed your mind. Cos you haven’t played every place? No, you’ve played every place twice.”