Druidess – Hermits & Mandrakes Review

One more time I was fooled by a band ‘s name when I picked this Druidess with “Hermits & Mandrakes” just because I was so curious about their music. My first thought was it would an Epic Heavy Metal band or, at least, some Heavy Rock band by the art cover. I was, again, flat wrong. Here we witness a powerful Doom Metal band with all the pros and cons about being so doomy as they are. Well, to some extent, I wasn’t that flat wrong because there are moments of Heavy Rock slants in the album as grand finale “The Forest Witches’ Daughter.”

By its intro my dear child of the night will realize what Druidess are all about. If you pictured the soundtrack of a dark forest full of nature and other entities led by a coven of witches, you are absolutely right. The “Intro” tells this. However, if my dear child of the night is in doubt yet, there comes “Witches’ Sabbath” to solve any of it. It’s pure Doom Metal with all the cadenced and slow guitar riffings with the intriguing female voice of Shonagh Brown. The good thing is that the band goes beyond using Black Sabbath influences and built up one of their own not only due to the female voice textures Shonagh Brown developed here, but also due to the rich instrumentals that get the influence and add some more. That’s what a track as Mandragora” tells us. The influences are there, but there are many layers and textures that make a a hell of a difference. Even better, it wouldn’t be fair to compare the band as a Black Sabbath with female vocals. They are much more. Take a look at Knightingales.” Pay attention to the keyboards. There is something of Uriah Heep in it. Druidess add more melody to their songs with the guitars and with the voice of Shonagh Brown. If you want some action, there is the faster The Hermit of Druid’s Temple” to please you with all the fuzz of the 1970’s Heavy Rock, or, Protometal if you think it’s better.

“Hermits & Mandrakes” is an album that surprises me. Not only because it wasn’t what I expected, but due to its quality. Recommended to Doom Metal and Heavy Rock fans.

Druidess “Hermits & Mandrakes” will be released on May 24th.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Witches’ Sabbath
  3. Mandragora
  4. Knightingales
  5. The Hermit of Druid’s Temple
  6. The Forest Witches Daughter

Watch official lyric video here: