Dusty Chopper – Rednecks, Cigars, Whiskey & The Devil

Bad, mean, dirty, and ugly. I couldn’t help it to remind Charlie Daniel’s Band’s “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” when I saw the title of this album. But, believe me, the music I got in here is much different from Charlie Daniels. I mean, maybe the intention is the same, however Dusty Choper is much more heavier and dirtier, uglier and meaner. The combination of a slightly low-tuned guitar with the use of many guitar phrases and licks and an angrier and rough vocal is a killer. I don’t you, but for me “Rednecks, Cigars, Whiskey & The Devil” really is the deal.

This album will nail right away the need of the fans of Pantera and Zakk Wylde’s  Black Label Society. The acid and caustic music they present catches the fan at the first listening. The kick off is pretty interesting acoustic intro with those acoustic guitars with steel strings and a resonator. The sound is pretty clean, on the opposite of the rest of the album. “The Return” is intimate and minimalistic and totally different from the general album mood. Following track “Back on the Road” means it being as heavy, pretty heavy as it can be. The low guitar tone gives it a potent sound and effect that impresses the fan. Guitarist Borisz Sarafutgyinov’s performing includes some touches of shoegaze with lots more of energy giving the sound a dang good up the irons. It’s surprising to listen to a band that bases its riffing in the good old guitar phrasing. It gives songs a retro but powerful effect. Well, and power is what “Rednecks, Cigars, Whiskey & The Devil” is all about. If I were to choose only one track I’d say “Moonshine Baby” because its screaming guitars and thunderous and dirty bass lines and the ever mean vocals.

For the fan that isn’t really aware of the kind of music performed here imagine a low-tuned Led Zeppelin’s guitar phrasing with the rage and the fury of Pantera’s vocals and the lyricism of Black Label Society. I guess it sums Dusty Choper up very well. Ah, with lots of rage. “Rednecks, Cigars, Whiskey & The Devil” pours rage and anger from all the pores as any good Metal abum should. After all we’re not in the sweet business.

Dusty Choper “Rednecks, Cigars, Whiskey & The Devil” was independently released on June 13th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Return (Intro)
  2. Back on the Road
  3. Mississippi Air
  4. Dive Bar
  5. Redneck Rampage
  6. Dead Reckoning
  7. Moonshine Baby

Watch “Back on the Road” official lyric video here: