EXODUS’ GARY HOLT about New Material That ‘We’ve Got a Massive Catalog of Riffs and Songs’

Gary Holt told the Gear Factory that Exodus has a lot of material to their new effort. Read it here:

“I’ve been writing new Exodus material for, like, months now – for, like, close to a year now – and we’ve got a massive f*cking catalog of riffs and songs.

“And [drummer] Tom Hunting and I are just getting together when I’m home and we’re just working on new stuff and taking our time. We’re not in any hurry. We’re gonna make sure it’s a f*cking earthshaking moment when the album’s done.”

Back in August, singer Steve Souza said about a possible release date:

“To be honest with you, probably late 2019 or early 2020. But I’ll promise you this – I’ve heard songs, ’cause [Gary has] been writing, and the new Exodus is gonna be very violent and very heavy.

“Us, as the band members, we’re [getting impatient]. We know it’s been four years. We’re still over here touring on ‘Blood In, Blood Out.’ But we’re very fortunate that we could still come to a festival like this, not being able to support a new record.

“So many great fans still come and support us, and all the press and everybody. So thank you, guys, man; thank you, guys, for always being there for us. 35 years now for , and it’s because of everybody here and everybody out there; not ’cause of us.”