Firewind – Still Raging Review

Just the other day I was saying that we weren’t receiving enough alive albums to review here. Now we get Firewind with “Still Raging,” an alive album recorded live in Thessaloniki, Greece to honor the band’s twentieth career anniversary. This albums showcases a band that sounds much heavier now alive than considering their studio albums. I know, this is an expected reaction, but I mean, that I could feel the band better now than in the previous albums we covered here. As all other Metal bands, Firewind were built to be listened alive. That’s the shocking truth. This alive album proves us that the band is really made of steel. There’s a perfect chemistry among the guys of the band. Herbie Langhans’ vocals, Gus G.’s guitars, Petros Christo’s bass and Jo Nunez’s drums sound a perfect match.

In “Still Raging” Firewind blaze all their guns for the avid audience after all a 20 year career is always a 20 year career. Something to be really proud of. “Still Raging” comes as a double CD, the format that made alive albums so famous and beloved. And there is a lot to love in the album. Here it’s possible also to get all the Helloween influences the band has and feel the power of their Metal. The album is breathtaking. My dear child of the night will have a non-stop banging during the 20 tracks – is this number a coincidence?

Opening track “Welcome to the Empire” gives its warm welcome to the fans all over the world showing all Firewind’s weapons and fire. It’s the breathtaking mood I said before that won’t leave the fan until grand finale “Falling to Pieces” the track that leaves us with that taste of wanting some more. Gus G. gives the audience everything he’s got showing that it was no coincidence to be playing with the Madman. No one does that as a coincidence and it’s alive that things get even better for guys like him. I’ll admit that I’d rather listen to him with Firewind. The pieces I’ve got from his passage with Ozzy wasn’t that great.

“Still Raging” is a great opportunity to get to know Firewind for the first time. I guess that’s one of the most important roles of alive albums. So, just go for it my child of the night.

P.S.: Funny to listen the audience greet the band with Fire and Wind.

Firewind “Still Raging” will be released on September st via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Welcome to the Empire (20th Anniversary Show)
  2. I am the Anger (20th Anniversary Show)
  3. Head Up High (20th Anniversary Show)
  4. Devour (20th Anniversary Show)
  5. Destination Forever (20th Anniversary Show)
  6. Orbitual Sunrise (20th Anniversary Show)
  7. World on Fire (20th Anniversary Show)
  8. Drum solo (20th Anniversary Show)
  9. The Fire & the Fury (20th Anniversary Show)
  10. Ode to Leonidas (20th Anniversary Show)
  11. Overdrive (20th Anniversary Show)
  12. Mercenary Man (20th Anniversary Show)
  13. Lady of 1000 Sorrows (20th Anniversary Show)
  14. Break away (20th Anniversary Show)
  15. Between Heaven and Hell (20th Anniversary Show)
  16. Rising Fire (20th Anniversary Show)
  17. Maniac (20th Anniversary Show)
  18. Hands of Time (20th Anniversary Show)
  19. Few Against Many (20th Anniversary Show)
  20. Falling to Pieces (20th Anniversary Show)

Watch “Maniac” official alive video here: