Fraise – The Fifth Sun

Even though most fans identify and relate Power Metal with the so-called false metal or other no so good words, in general I like the pompous and grand atomosphere the subgenre brings to Metal music. The critique I make sometimes is that most Power Metal bands have a similar sonancy, or they are more of the same. I can’t deny it is a valid critique. However, Metal music owes Power Metal some of their most dear features as the double drumming and speed of light guitar riffing. Funny fact is that Power Metal was a reaction to the sweetening and watering of Metal music in the early 1980s. 

Fraise “The Fifth Sun” shows many features that made Power Metal strong including one that I appreciate the most. However it’s not related directly to Power Metal that is a vocalist with a vocal tone that reminds a lot Scorpions Klaus Meine, one of the dearest bands of mine. To me it sounds as if Scorpions have gone Power Metal. hahahahahaha Kidding… No, wait a minute.

“The Fifth Sun” kicks off with all the grand and pompous epic way that Power Metal has made famous with “Opusalis Consentum” and its divine intro. Due to this track the fan may even think it is a Symphonic Metal album, but soon the doubt is vanished away with a killer rapid and strinking guitar riffing. Now, seriously, the voice resemblance is what gives tracks as “Sintasia” the Midas touch. As I said before, to write a review I must have a bond with the band, and that was the one I found. “In the End” sounds even more triumphant when I make the connections. One more resemblance with Symphonic Metal is found here in this track. A little more Fraise could be a blend. The thing is that the symphonic touches here are to make guitars sounds even bigger. The effect is astonishing as the wall of sound of Death Metal bands. Fraise really knows how. But, wait a minute… The jawbreaking track – for me, of course – is “Farewell” a power ballad that could be in any Scorpions album. Take as a compliment, guys. Scorpions’ dudes really know how as well. The album ends well with “To Be…” a nice instrumental that makes the grand finale.

Fraise “The Fifth Sun” was released on May 14th via Label la Production/Distrosong.

Track Listing:

  1. Opusalis Consentum
  2. Wake Up, Shining
  3. Be One of Us
  4. Twin of My Soul
  5. In the Dead of the Night
  6. Lust for Life
  7. Meditation
  8. Sintasia
  9. In the End
  10. Farewell
  11. To Be…

Watch “Wake Up, Shinning” official video here: