GEDDY LEE And ALEX LIFESON Discuss The Possibility Of Enlisting A World-Class Drummer For A RUSH Reunion Tour

Alex Lifeson Geddy Lee

In a brand new interview with CBS News Sunday Morning, Geddy Lee revealed that he and Alex Lifeson have discussed the possibility of recruiting a renowned drummer to tour as RUSH again following the death of Neil Peart, the band’s original drummer.

While they had previously stated that they couldn’t continue without Peart, their stance has softened. This change came after they performed RUSH‘s classic songs at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in 2022. The concert featured guest drummers Danny Carey, Omar Hakim, Dave Grohl, and Chad Smith.

“Have we talked about it? Yeah. It’s not impossible, but at this point, I can’t guarantee it,” Lee said.

“Do what you believe, because if you do what someone else believes, and you fail, you’ve got nothing. If you do what you believe, and you fail, you still have hope.”

Lifeson added: “It’s just not in our DNA to stop.”

During a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Lee was asked about the possibility of another RUSH show. In response, Geddy expressed that there is potential for such an event, stating that “there could be a show that paid tribute to the songs of RUSH. I would never say there will never be another RUSH show. We get approached all the time.”

However, he acknowledged the challenges of moving forward without their late drummer, Neil Peart. While the idea of continuing the band without Peart has been discussed, Geddy emphasized the difficulty of filling his shoes. Despite this, the band members have been approached about tribute shows and have considered the prospect of touring with another drummer.