GENE SIMMONS Swears KISS Is Done After Final Farewell Tour Show: ‘My Hand On The Bible’

Gene Simmons 2023 Interview

According to Gene Simmons, KISS is done performing after their final farewell tour show. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the KISS bassist/vocalist insisted that the band’s final show on the “End Of The Road” tour marks the end of their performing career.

“My hand on the Bible,” he said. “And I should know because my people wrote that book. In fact, my people also wrote the follow-up book, the New Testament. And so I’ll say right here, right now, my hand on the Bible, it will be the final KISS-in-makeup appearance.”

Concerning KISS‘s decision to retire at this moment, Simmons stated: “It has nothing to do with ticket sales or anything. It has to do with Mother Nature. And at a certain point, you have to understand that it’s going to be a point of diminishing returns because of the kind of band we are. I wear seven-inch platform dragon boots, each weighs as much as a light bowling ball, armor, studs, leather, all that stuff, and that weighs about 40 pounds in total. And I got to spit fire, and fly through the air, and all that, and you got to do it for two hours.”

While this might be farewell from KISS‘ live performances, Simmons assures fans that the band’s brand will live on through various avenues such as movies, merchandise, and possibly Broadway, as the physical demands of touring have led to the decision to end touring.

The KISS experience will continue through a museum, cruises, a movie, a cartoon show, and various toys and games, along with different traveling shows in multiple locations.