Ghost Bath – Self Loather Review

Now that the term post-Black Metal is fully understood it’s time to make a good use of it. For starters, this Ghost Bath “Self Loather” is the first album whose term will be used with a complete and full understanding. This may sood a little odd to my dear child of the night and fan but there are some terms used to refer to Metal music that some people can’t understand them. Post-Black metal was one of them. I guess that with this new label it’s possible to express all the pain and misery that exists in all human existence. By the way, it’s possible to add lots of despair as well.

First of all, I’d like to say a few words about the cover which, I guess, represents pretty well the ideas the album tittle delivers. The picture shows a person emerged in one’s own dark places and covered by a dark cape or something like this. That’s an interesting way of showing the idea of self loathing. The music in here does the same. Not only but much more. It delivers lots of self loathing and pain and misery and despair and all of the kind. “Self Loather” is a complex album in terms of music and theme. Ghost Bath vary a lot tempo and cadence changing the mooding of the songs all the time. In the four minutes of “Shrines of Bone” there are uncountable changes and twists. They go from the moodiest cadence to the fastest and most nervous. Same goes with following track “Sanguine Mask” which is even more ferocious and full of wraith. The most interesting fact is that in the same track things change violently as the track rolls on. Soon after the burst of violence and wraith cames spme passages full of sadness and despair. That’s what bands have to deal nowadays. As I always say Extreme Metal deals with all human emotions and that’s why so many people love it. Extreme Metal is an open of human emotions. “Self Loather” is here to prove that to my fan.

Ghost Bath show that it is possible to deal with many ideas and emotions in the same album, and as it seems, in the same song. Here we have a band that shows all the possbilities a band can deal when their mind is free to go and fly. Nothing less than this.

Ghost Bath “Self Loather” will be released on October 29th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Convince Me to Bleed
  2. Hide from the Sun
  3. Shrines of Bone
  4. Sanguine Mask
  5. A Crystal Lattice
  6. Sinew and Vein
  7. I hope death finds me well
  8. For it is a Veil
  9. Unbearable
  10. Flickering Wicks of Black

Watch “Convince Me to Bleed” official music video here: