GHOST’s TOBIAS FORGE: ‘I Was Never A Fan Of Nu-Metal, But If I’m Going To Be Fair And Call A Lot Of That Metal, 10 Or 15 Years Ago, That Was Highly Mainstream.’

Ghost Tobias Forge

In an interview to Metal Hammer Ghost’s mastermind and frontman Tobias Forge told his opinion on Nu-Metal. Read parts of the interview here:

“I was never a fan of nu-metal, but if I’m going to be fair and call a lot of that metal, 10 or 15 years ago, that was highly mainstream. So yeah, of course.

“But I’m not sure that a genre is likely to break through anymore. It seems a bit more like it’s certain bands or certain artists that break through.”

He was also asked if there is a new genre coming through:

“There’s a difference in the consuming of music nowadays. People tend to listen to more diverse things than they used to. They’re a little bit more like, ‘Yeah, I’m a punk but I like the new Weeknd record,’ or, ‘I like Adele.’

“Even if you have a record collection and a stereo at home, you might still have a digital radio in your car, or Spotify on your computer. Even though most music being made is being suffocated by the clutter, there’s also a lot of diversity spiking through the clutter, reaching certain listeners.

“So I think that’s why more oddballs come through, to a certain degree. But I’m not sure if people’s attention spans are lesser as well. You listen to one band, and if there’s five more bands coming, you tend not to listen.”