The Offspring

Bassist Greg K. is rumored to be no longer part of THE OFFSPRING, where he has been a member of the band since its initial formation in 1984.

While an official statement regarding Greg‘s current status with THE OFFSPRING has yet to be released, NO DOUBT bassist Tony Kanal has filling in for him on tour for about the last two months, including their recent shows in Japan.

Greg isn’t actually the only member of THE OFFSPRING‘s current lineup to be missing out on their recent live activities. Due to a family matter, guitarist Noodles was absent from the band’s U.S. tour back in the summer of 2017 but returned very shortly after that tour.

Greg has also missed out on touring activities with THE OFFSPRING once before. Back in 2008, Scott Shiflett of FACE TO FACE briefly filled in for him due to a “scheduled family matter”, which happened to be the birth of Greg‘s fourth child, but the latter returned to the band shortly thereafter.

We will let you know exactly what’s going on between Greg and THE OFFSPRING camp, and here are some live videos of Kanal filling in for him:

THE OFFSPRING – who haven’t released an album since 2012’s “Days Go By” – have been in the studio for quite a while with producer Bob Rock, working on a record that is tentatively due for release later this year or next year.