GRIMMREAPER Cover BABYMETAL’s ‘Road Of Resistance’ With Their Own English Lyrics

The fourth and final single leading up to the full release of GRIMMREAPER’s debut album The Tragedy of Being” is upon us, and today he shares his cover version of BABYMETAL‘s “Road of Resistance”, which features DRAGONFORCE  guitarists  Herman Li and Sam Totman on the original recording. 

Check out the cover video below.

GRIMMREAPER elaborates for choosing the track to cover:

“I’ve been a Dragonforce fan forever. I first heard this song by Babymetal and thought ‘That’s Japanese Dragonforce for sure.’ Sure enough, Dragonforce helped write some songs for them, including this one. I’ve been a fan of Babymetal ever since. 

I re-wrote the lyrics in English in 2018 and recorded the cover in my apartment when I lived in Japan. I lived there for a little over a year. It took almost 2 years of learning, recording, failing, and trying again before it was done. Dragonforce often writes about the hero’s journey, mountains, dragons and archetypes, and this cover sticks with those themes, but also fits in with the album’s story.”

GRIMMREAPER also pays homage to DRAGONFORCE’s writing style by making the cover version of the song about the nobility of moving forward in life, up the mountain. It also fits into the theme of his own album “The Tragedy of Being” quite nicely. The full length is a concept record, which goes through the default conditions of life, tragedy, and suffering, and the options they present, nihilism and resentment, or transcendence and courage.

GRIMMREAPER’s solo project has been described as mixing technical styles like those of DRAGONFORCE and DRAGONFORCE with mainstream styles like BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH“The Tragedy of Being” is a dark record with many twists and turns, but never boring. The album is a journey through different tastes of metal, and while it’s meant to be enjoyed from start to finish, each song stands strong on its own. 

The full release of “The Tragedy of Being” will be out on March 30th, 2021.

“The Tragedy of Being” Track Listing:
1. Mind’s Mirrors Meshing Together
2. North Star
3. Prison
4. Resent
5. The Land I Will Show You
6. Catastrophe of the Tragic Melancholies
7. Road of Resistance (Babymetal Cover)
8. Happy Times
9. The Tragedy of Being