Heads for the Dead – Into the Red Review

Once I wrote here that with Death Metal no one could ever go wrong. I didn’t mean at that time to say Death Metal bands are predictable – though, unfortunately, some bands really are. I meant that nowadays to get to listen to a Death Metal effort means some time with high quality music. And, sometimes, musical surprises. In fact, Heads for the Dead are no surprise at all because their 2018’s “Serpent’s Curse” was reviewed here and this “Into the Red” has the same qualities as I wrote back then. It’s still poisonous, corrosive and lethal, and, I have to posit, with more finesse which makes it even more lethal, from where I’m standing.

The greatest thing about “Into the Red” is that the fan never knows what’s the next track all about. It’s impossible to guess what will be the next musical chalange the band will propose. Each track is completely different from the other, and, let’s say it, to an Extreme Metal band this is such a hard thing to do. The neat and well-performed instrumentals are the key to all this. A track as “The Seance” tells a lot about this feeling in the album due to the complex and puzzling guitars and drumming. About the guitars they are all of them built with dissonances and exotic scales. That brings up the chaos mood into the song and we all know that chaos is what Death Metal is all about. The frentic and chaotic cadence of “The Midnight Resistance” makes the fan headbang at large. If the fan pays close attention, there are some amazing guitar riffs hidden which giving even more deepth to the song. The cirurgic and sharp guitar solos do also an amazing job. What to say about what the band does in “Transilvanian Hunger” while combining elements of terror movies and a complete rhythmic frenesi goes beyond any expectation? I guess I have no words to express the combination. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the track that represents better the album and Heads for the Dead. The insane guitar riffings take the fan head over hills.

“Into the Red” keeps the usual quality up. The guitar work here is just amazing and very creative from the most complex built to the most simple and effective riffing and licks. The kind of album the fan will listen everyday. To be called supergroup is the least for Heads for the Dead.

Heads for the Dead “Into the Red” was released on December 11th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Into The Red
  2. The Coffin Scratcher
  3. At the Dead of Night
  4. Horror Injection
  5. The Seance
  6. Night Ripping Terror
  7. The Midnight Resistance
  8. Multi Morbid Maniac
  9. The Revenant
  10. The Prophecy Fulfilled
  11. Transilvanian Hunger
  12. Creatures of the Monolith

Watch “At the Dead of Night” official lyric video here:

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