Here Five Insane Death Metal Drummers

Death Metal drummers are already known for the blast beats and incredible speed. So, Metal Injection made a list of the top five most insane Death Metal drummers. Here we go:


Decrepit Birth’s Samus Paulicelli. Great drummer and YouTube sensation. One of the masters of blast beats. Ah, and the dude writes music. His videos are with notation as you can see below:


Allan Cassidy

The Black Dahlia Murder’s Allan Cassidy. Besides being the drummer of one of the most prominent Melodic  Death Metal ever, the dude plays ferocious drumming. Check it out:


Ken Bedene

Aborted’s Ken Bedene. A drummer slayer. Check it out:


Hannes Grossman

Obscura, Necrophagist, Hate E-friggin-ternal’s Hannes Grossman. One of the hardest hitting man in the world when it comes to technical death metal. Here we go:


John Longstreth

Angelcorpse, Skinless, Gorguts John Longstreth. A mad scientist with the drums.