Impact – Initial Impact Review

This is an album to listen carefully it all and then take conclusions. “Initial Impact” is full of plot delicious twists as hell is full of sinners. It’s thick and heavy with that guitar sound that we all love. Clear, full of distortion, prominent, sharp, and bold. The kind of sound that gets the fan by the guts. The spirit of Hard Rock is on the run.

The gas flows freely with “Friday Night,” a track whose spirit is all in the tittle with a singalong chorus that any fan will follow just because. The smell of gasoline, cheap whiskey and perfume is in the air. Some would say decadence, but this word doesn’t make my day. A raise the dead track full of energy and excitement. The perfect Hard rock opening track to spoil the fan who’ll want some more. Make no mistake, Impact don’t write albums to have lots of all-the-same tracks, that’s what the fan will notice by the following tracks. Impact’s intent is to try many moods and a variety of cadences and tempos. All of them with the guitar I’ve mentioned before. A good parallel in intent not in the music is Twisted Sisters, a band who used to write a variety of moodings in their albums. The same will to explore the most obscure feelings inside the human mind and translate it into music. The band would fit perfectly in the Dark Glam labeling if its image would follow the music.

From the Twisted Sisters “Burn in Hell” era “We Want Want” to Metallica’s “Kill’em all”  good old era of riffing from  “Motherf**king Outlaw” the album is a parade of exciting and carefull songs that catch the fan by the guts. Impact’s songwriting elasticity is definitely a pro. From where I’m standing, “Initial Impact” is an album that will please metallers all around the world if they don’t care about genre. It’s hard as hell. A very good point pro to prove what I’m saying is that there is no ballad in “Initial Impact.” All tracks are made of the purest and hardest steel ever made. An album to make the fan maintain the faith in humankind or, at least, the Metal part of humankind.

Impact “Initial Impact” was released on July 09th via Savage Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Friday Night
  2. We Want Out
  3. Funky String
  4. Hangover
  5. Motherf**king Outlaw
  6. Faster’n’Higher
  7. Voices of the Night

Watch “We Want Out” official radio edit video: