JAKE E. LEE On Being Fired From DIO’s: ‘I Think That [Ronnie] Was Looking for More of a European Sort of Sound’

Eternal Ozzy’s former guitarist Jake E. Lee talked on his short time with Master Dio in an interview with Cobras&Fire. Read it here:

“I think that [Ronnie] was looking for more of a European sort of sound. ‘Cause back then, and maybe to this day – I don’t know – heavy metal, you had the American version and you had the European version.

“And the American version relied a lot on Van Halen; that was kind of the American metal sound. And I am more of that school – of Eddie Van Halen, Southern California. There was a bunch of us. And I was more of that.

“Maybe a little busier on my rhythm stuff than Dio would have liked. And I think that was the main reason.”