JEFF YOUNG Slams ‘Douchebag’ DAVE MUSTAINE Over Comments About Ex-MEGADETH Members Never ‘Amounting To Anything’

Jeff Young Dave Mustaine

Jeff Young has strongly criticized Dave Mustaine‘s recent remarks about former MEGADETH members not achieving success during their time apart from the band.

During a recent conversation with Oran O’Beirne of Bloodstock TV, Mustaine shared his thoughts on MEGADETH‘s memorable show five months ago, where he and his bandmates were joined by ex-MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman for their historic performance at Tokyo, Japan’s renowned Budokan venue.

Mustaine said: “Marty has made quite a name for himself on his own since [he left MEGADETH]. Of all of the ex-bandmembers of MEGADETHMarty seems to be the only one that’s ever amounted to anything. No offense to the other guys — that’s how the facts are. If you look at their sales and stuff, Marty‘s the only one that’s ever done anything significant.”

Young, who joined MEGADETH in 1987 and got fired from the band in 1989, responded to Mustaine‘s remarks in a recent interview with Disturbing The Priest. Regarding Mustaine‘s statement that no former MEGADETH member, except Marty Friedman, has achieved anything significant, Young had this to say: “I’m just, like, what about that little Number One Brazilian world music album I did over here, douchebag?

“It just promotes… And that’s [Mustaine‘s] whole mission — just to promote disinformation, and disinfo and lie. And the funny thing is he aims that song ‘Liar’ [from MEGADETH‘s 1988 album So Far, So Good… So What!, supposedly written about former MEGADETH guitarist Chris Poland] at other people, and he needs to look in the mirror, man. Because the stuff you say and the songs you write you’re writing about yourself.”