KAGOULE: ‘Glue’ Music Video Premiere


Nottingham alt-rock trio KAGOULE have premiered their new music video for the track “Glue” on VEVO.

The medieval-themed video was filmed with director Katia Ganfield (VINCE KIDD, LOYLE CARNER, TĀLĀ, VUVUVULTURES) at Rickney Farm and Grubbs Burgers in Brighton and sees the band donning an assortment of handmade vintage garments for a truly eye-catching performance.

The video for “Glue” can be seen via YouTube below.

KAGOULE singer/guitarist Cai Burns speaks about how the song came to be:

“Glue popped into existence on New Year’s Day of 2014.  The frame of the song was sat as a garage band file called ‘so damn stuck’ and it was a troublesome little dude.  Refused to be written.  I’m not sure exactly where my mind was on January 1st but it definitely wasn’t in my head.  The next day I noticed this weird guitar riff I’d added that must’ve bypassed my brain was sat on top of the verse.  I layered some sticky lyrics on top of it and it was born, covered in a thick, pale afterbirth.  Ready to be plated, garnished and served.”

Video director Katia Ganfield comments:

“The video is open to interpretation.  Rather than spoon-feeding a narrative to the audience as many strains of media adopt today, the aim is to encourage the viewer to adopt an open mind, inspiring philosophical thinking and sociological awareness.

“Carefully structured symbolic visuals aim to depict a dystopian reality (and the breaking of) through the characters and locations, which tie in with the song’s lyrics, emanating illusions of grandeur, embroiled in blissful denial.  The knight character serves as a metaphor for our disenchantment and increasing apathy towards the wider socio-political conditions at play.  His tedious nature, though surrounded by frivolous opulence, aims to represent the disengaged electorate.”

“Glue” is taken from KAGOULE‘s highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Urth’, which is due to be released on August 21st worldwide.  Pre-order the album now on CD and vinyl here.

‘Urth’ is also available to pre-order now on iTunes, including an exclusive bonus track plus instant downloads of the songs “Glue” and “Gush”.  Pre-order now here.