KERRY KING Reveals Which SLAYER Songs He Hates

In an recent interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist Kerry King has revealed the SLAYER song that he’s not a fan of, saying:

“Somebody was telling me [IRON MAIDEN bassist] Steve Harris hates [the ‘Invaders’ track off 1982’s ‘The Number of the Beast’]. But I get it, because there’s a handful of songs in our history that I’m like, ‘Goddamn, I hate that song.’

“Like, I f*cking despise ‘Desire’ and I hate ‘Cleanse the Soul.’ But when ‘Invaders’ came up, I’m like, ‘Wow, I like ‘Invaders.’‘ And then I tried to start thinking about why he would hate it. It just sucks, I don’t get it. But he’s close to it, like I’m close to my songs, so there you go. You’re more than welcome to your opinion, Steve. You wrote it.”

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