KING DIAMOND’s ‘A Mansion In Darkness’ Quarantine Cover Collaboration Features Members Of LET US PREY, EVILE, EXODUS, THE IRON MAIDENS And KING DIAMOND’s Own Band

King Diamond A Mansion in Darkness Cover

Marc Lopes, vocalist for Boston-based melodic power/thrash group LET US PREY, is the voice behind a new all-star quarantine cover of KING DIAMOND‘s classic song, “A Mansion in Darkness,” from his 1987 landmark record, Abigail.

The cover was born out of a conversation between guitarists Courtney Cox (THE IRON MAIDENS) and OL Drake (EVILE) about collaborating together on a virtual jam session. Cox suggested one of her favorite KING DIAMOND songs for the cover, and from there they reached out to bassist Jack Gibson (EXODUS) and drummer Matt Thompson (KING DIAMOND). The big question mark was who would handle vocals, to which Cox‘s reply was “I know a guy.” Lopes was asked to round out the collaboration and stepped up to the daunting task of delivering his take on the King‘s demonic growls and masterful falsetto. The final result according to all parties involved was a “a total blast had by all doing this…for the love of METAL!”

The final video joining together all of the parts recorded by individual musicians was edited by Abel Hernandez and mixed/mastered by Par Mahn, and can be viewed below.