Legendary Early SORTILEGE Albums To Be Reissued By No Remorse Records

Sortilege – the best French Metal had to offer. Timeless classics!” – this quote from a Deaf Forever magazine journalist, Michael Kohsiek, pretty much sums up the status of Sortilege. The French Metal cult act formed in 1981, released their debut same titled EP in 1983, and the amazing debut album entitled “Metamorphose” one year later. Both releases quickly gained cult status, and are known nowadays as some of the the most important – if not the most important – Heavy Metal releases from France.

In the first months of 2017, No Remorse Records will reissue both masterpieces. The same titled EP, which will hit the streets on January 30, 2017, will be extended to a size of a regular album, as it will include four bonus tracks, taken from the band’s demo tape from 1982. The reissue will be available as a CD and limited edition LP. Two weeks later, on February 13, the “Metamorphose” album will be released as a double CD, with the original version of the album and the previously unreleased first mix version on Disc 1, and the rare English version of the album (originally released as “Metamorphosis”) on Disc 2. The double LP version will include the original version of the album, as well as the previously unreleased first mix. Both the “Sortilege” EP and the “Metamorphose” album will be also available as a strictly limited box set editions, incl.: the CD, exclusive vinyl LP (different color than the regular edition, available in the boxset only), t-shirt, poster and a patch. Both reissues have been remastered by Bart Gabriel (Cirith Ungol, Satan’s Host, Crystal Viper) and got special “old school and dynamic” treatment.