Lord Belial – Rapture Review

Ok, for now enough with the reissues. These weeks have been an assault of reissues that I have never seen around here. But it’s okay. They are all albums that today’s metallers are obliged to know or at least know they exist. Talking about assault the band to be reviewed today is a Black metal assault. The kind of assault that only a band as Lord Belial with “Rapture” can deliver to the most hardcore and loyal fan. One of the cruelest and hardest band from the second wave of Black Metal is back with their new album.

The album is opened up with a typical Black Metal track that is “Legion” with legions of noise and blast beats. Lord Belial chose the right track to open the album because “Legion” is everything the fan wanted; fast, vicious, heavy as hell. The best invitation card to an album that is everything except humble. All tracks here were carefully thought to give the fan the impression that world is near to end and Lord Belial was invited to write its soundtrack. However, don’t go thinking “Rapture” is only about the fastest cruel side of Black Metal. No, sir. Tracks as “Belie all Gods” showcases that the band prepared slow cadenced songs that shows all the despair and pain this miserable is all about. “Rapture” means all the pain and misery that this little and pathetic and miserable world is about. It’s an ode to the pain we feel everyday in our lives. The sharp guitar riffings are here to make a bloodshed as they carefully go through the album led by the incredible drumming which isn’t only fast but capable of giving another tone to their songs. Cruel malevolence at its best. But there is so much more. Lord Belial created some beautiful instrumental moments as in “Lux Luciferi” where the mood cools down a little to let the fan breath for some moments because following track “Infinite Darkness and Death” gets that Metal violence that only you my dear fan knwos how it sounds like.

Here we’ve got an album that keeps the flame high. The kind of album that makes the fan expect for some more musical violence and assault. Always Metal. Sometimes Black, but always Metal.

Lord Belial “Rapture” will be released on May 27th via Hammerheart Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Legion
  2. On a Throne of Souls
  3. Rapture of Belial
  4. Destruction
  5. Belie all Gods
  6. Evil Incarnate
  7. Lux Luciferi
  8. Infinite Darkness and Death
  9. Alpha and Omega
  10. Lamentations

Watch “Lux Luciferi” official video here: