METALLICA Appears To Have Corrected LARS ULRICH’s Drumming In Official Audio Of Their Performance At Download Festival

Lars Ulrich

Recently, METALLICA delivered two unique performances on June 8 and 10 at the colossal Download Festival. This was part of their inventive “No Repeat Weekend” tour, where they offer two entirely diverse setlists across two nights at the same location.

On the first night, the band served an engaging mix of fan-favorites such as “Creeping Death,” “Orion” and “Blackened,” along with popular hits like “Nothing Else Matters” and “Sad But True.”

However, the second night’s performance has sparked some controversy, especially concerning their rendition of the 1988 hit single “One.” Questions arose about Lars Ulrich’s drumming accuracy.

Music Radar reported a noticeable mismatch between the official audio of the song’s bridge from the band’s YouTube channel and video clips captured by fans during the concert.

This discrepancy appears to suggest that Lars‘ drum parts may have been rectified before the official release, given the noticeable inaccuracies during the live performance.

Many fans defended Ulrich in YouTube comments, attributing the discrepancies to a faulty microphone on his left bass drum. However, this wouldn’t explain the inconsistent tempo observed in the fan-captured videos.

Sven “Sven Spandex” Smith of DIRTY ROSE voiced his opinion on the varying audios, dubbing the official version as “completely faked”.

For a comparison, you can listen to the official audio release of “One” at Download, as well as the fan-filmed clips provided below: