Mindkult – Lucifer’s Dream

 There’s a certain style of music known as doom metal that I’ve grown a great love for ever since expanding my horizons as a metalhead. It’s got so much to offer that if put in the right hands it can rival the creativity that the realm of black metal has become subject to in recent years, and we may just be at the dawn of such a concept. For those that aren’t aware, there’s another, slightly lesser known style as shoegaze that, in simple terms, tends to have a more ethereal feel to it that permeates every moment of the music. To think that one day someone would consider molding shoegaze and doom together never once occurred to me, yet leave it to the mastermind behind Mindkult to find a way. Should you have any doubts about such a unique blend that we’re gonna dub doomgaze then all you need to do is refer to the brand new opus that is “Lucifer’s Dream” and realize the genius that is Mindkult.

Granted, I’m not quite sure if whether or not doomgaze is already a thing, but if it is then I need to find some more! And if not then shoot me now and give Mindkult a f**king reward for creating something that’s so intriguing and so awesomely engaging that once isn’t nearly enough. With Mindkult’s debut full-length album, we’re treated to a brilliant display of riffs collided with a distorted sound that adds a wholly unique layer to “Lucifer’s Dream” that doesn’t only make the album incredibly entertaining, but it also feels like a time machine of sorts. “Lucifer’s Dream” feels like Mindkult creates a six-track homage to classic metal where the music felt ethereal, it had a massively satisfying crunch, smooth vocals that grip you in a way that deathly growls cannot, and has loads of captivating rhythms that pull you in even further into what Mindkult has crafted masterfully here. From one track to the next we’re given magnificent examples of how one can take something as deliciously heavy as doom, take the slower rhythms, throw in the classic magic that was created during the earliest days of metal, and give it a slightly artsy edge mixed with a dash of occultism to truly give you a unique experience that extremely few have done before the inception of “Lucifer’s Dream”.  It’s the sort of record that is destined to become a classic of the style, and one that will surely allow Mindkult inspire many bands to come looking to advance metal into even more interesting directions in the near future. Now that is a gift that keeps on giving past already being a f**king treat of titanic proportions.

Ever since I’ve gotten into metal and decided to sift through the vast underground to further my understanding of the genre and to find the best it has to offer, and this is one of those instances that I’ve been on the search for. Mindkult takes a more than beloved style and spins it right on its f**king head to deliver an ethereal experience that’s all but tantalizing to the very end whilst giving something that so many different fans of so many different styles of metal can enjoy without having to even f**king think about it! To say that “Lucifer’s Dream” is an instant-classic is an amazingly obvious thing, and I can’t help but wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking for a damned good time that wants something different yet familiar and Mindkult is the perfect guide for such a tour.

“Lucifer’s Dream” is out now via Transcending Obscurity Records! You can stream the album in full on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Drink My Blood
  2. Nightmares
  3. Behold the Wraith
  4. Infernals
  5. Howling Witch
  6. Lucifer’s Dream