NARGAROTH’s ASH: ‘Am I The Only One Who Simply Can’t Dig The BEHEMOTH Front Dude?’

Nargaroth Ash Behemoth Nergal

Apparently, NARGAROTH leader René “Ash” Wagner is not a fan of BEHEMOTH frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski.

In a recent post on social media, Ash wrote on NARGAROTH‘s official Facebook page: “Sh*t, am I the only one who simply can’t dig the BEHEMOTH front dude?”

After the post initiated a lot of reactions from the fan, Ash went on to elaborate in comments section of the post, writing: “Ya’ll: not digging someone isn’t hating someone. I am too little invested to hate this guy nor did he give me a reason. I am not even arguing that he’s the better musician, business- and showman nor do I question that privately he might be a decent dude (most of us actually are).

“I just can’t dig him or his urban (metrosexual?) public image, just like I don’t dig seafood. That’s it. But then again, I’m a born country guy who likes raising livestock, hunting and redneckish shoots his guns in the dark — so to speak. He (and 80% of the todays BM scene) feels probably the same about me or is even completely indifferent about it because it’s just a darn opinion. So, where’s my Moonshine…”

NARGAROTH‘s latest studio album, Era Of Threnody, was released in 2017 via Inter Arma Productions.