New THE OFFSPRING Album Will Feature One ‘Thrash Metal’ Song

The Offspring 2024
Photo credit: Daveed Benito

In a recent interview with Finland’s Chaoszine, THE OFFSPRING guitarist Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman discussed the band’s forthcoming eleventh album, Supercharged, set to be released on October 11 through Concord Records.

Regarding the recording process of Supercharged, Wasserman said: “Yeah, it was good. We worked with Bob again, Bob Rock, our producer. We’ve been working with him for, like 15, 16 years now. And we just get together every so often for, like, a couple of weeks, two, three weeks. He comes to Huntington [Beach, California] or we go up to Vancouver. There’s a studio called The Warehouse that he likes to work at up there. We have our own studio in Huntington. And we just hang out. We talk about music and then we turn on record and try different things and see what happens.

When the interviewer mentioned that there appears to be a “relaxed” atmosphere in the studio, Noodles said: “We work hard on what we’re doing, especially Dexter [singer Bryan Holland]. He focuses a lot on just minute details. I don’t know how he holds all those details in his head. I’m, like, ‘Man, I love it. Great beat. Great groove. Let’s go.’ He’s, like, ‘Well, there’s one drum hit that’s that needs to be fixed here.’ Like, ‘Whoa, dude. Okay.'”

When asked if they ever get into arguments due to differing opinions, Noodles responded: “There’s times when we all disagree, and Dexter will disagree with BobBob will disagree with me and him, but it’s always… It’s never… I wouldn’t even say argument. There’s disagreements, but we just discuss it and we try different things. If Bob makes a suggestion, we’ll try it and see where it works. And sometimes you have to sit on that. Like we’ll try something new, then we go home and listen to it and go, ‘Ah, you know what? I did like it better before,’ or go, ‘You know what, Bob? You were right. That one part needed to be fixed.’ And that’s how we work. And it’s always good-natured.”

When asked if he and his bandmates ever discuss the musical direction they aim for when creating new music, Noodles replied:  “Each song is is viewed separately. And then once you have a bunch of songs, then you kind of see where the record is going And then you just try to build on that. I don’t think we’ve ever changed that much. We’ve never done a concept record. We never went, ‘All right, we’re done with this punk rock pop stuff. We wanna be metal now.’ There is at least one song on this record that I would call metal. It’s just thrash metal. It’s called ‘Come To Brazil’… It’s one of the most metal. I don’t know [about] heaviest. We’ve got a lot of heavy punk rock songs as well, but this one’s probably one of the heaviest metal ones for sure. There’s another one too called ‘Get Some’, which is pretty riff rock, almost metal.”