Nihili Locus – Lyaeus Nebularum

I am not one of those musical critics that keep on requering news on any effort they review. But when we receive an album like this “Lyaeus Nebularum” we have to praise the difference because by this effort only Nihili Locus are a very difficult band to label. Nihili Locus remind me a lot of Tormentor, a band that I discovered in the good old times of eMule. For those who are not from that time, eMule was an app – the right name for these days – that helped you find and download musical archieves. Inbetween what you were looking for, sometimes you had some surprises and Tormentor was one of them.

“Lyaeus Nebularum” alternates from doom blackned metal to a brutal death. Instrumental passages are very creative with a very step to the odd and uncanny. There are some strange tunes in the beginning of some songs, as in “Memoriam Tenere,” that create a blackened aura which goes beyond the common. Other sound like some twisted childish melodies. Nihili Locus’s music is complex as human emotions, and as I have said many times, those are the things that attracted me to Metal. The five and a half minutes of “Memoriam Tenere (Rigor Mortis)” show a band that is not afraid to experiment with ancient religious tunes in order to give the blackned aura I told before. Sometimes even try some out of tune melodies to destroy any expectation of a general expected atmosphere.

If you are looking for the expected and regular Nihili Locus are not your band and “Lyaeus Nebularum” is not really your album. For that you have to be prepared to enjoy this odd, but true, Metal experiment. Even the songs’ length are not the usual. Nihili Locus play with them having songs of various lengths from the two longest with eight minutes and a half to songs with not less than one minute. They also make musical pranks as playing the simplest chords to the most complex renaissance feeling ones.

Yeah, Nihili Locus “Lyaeus Nebularum” is a compilation for the strong at heart. Not less. “Lyaeus Nebularum” will be available for those who dare on March 30th via Terror From Hell Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Memoriam Tenere
  2. Silvara
  3. Memoriam Tenere (Rigor Mortis)
  4. Ancient Beliefs Forgotten
  5. Deathly Silence Nebulae
  6. Gloomy Theatre of Ruins
  7. Canto (of a Nightly Jewel)
  8. Dance of the Crying Soul
  9. …Advesperascit…
  10. Buio/XII Touches
  11. Tectum Nemoralibus Umbris
  12. Lugubri Lai
  13. La Notte Eterna

Watch “Ancient Beliefs Forgotten” official video here: