Niht – Arcanum Review

It’s really funny how some things go. It’s insane to come to think that in my last review I was writing about bands that don’t use the English language to write their lyrics. Then I said that it happened every now and then. Just to contradict me and prove me wrong I have another band that writes their lyrics not in English – funny to say that hahahahaha. This time we have Niht with “Arcanum” with teir lyrics in German. Ok then, that said here we go again.

Here we have a Black Metal album with a lot of Hardcore influence. They are mostly on the vocals where some growls – that famous Uh! in the middle of the song – can be heard throughout the album. “Arcanum” also show some 1980’s Gothic influences and it’s a handfull of despair and grief and spite. It’s really great how Black Metal bands are able to turn into music all those undesirable feelings of human nature. I say undesired because according to the toxic positivity standards people aren’t allowed to even think of feeling those kind of emotions. Pathetic. In some way, the tittles of all tracks of “Arcanum” are all about emotions. I guess bands somehow got aware of what I always say and are recording songs to fit this purpose – hahahahahahaha I wish. In fact, if the fan pays close attention to any track here, he will notice that the track represents the emotion it represents. Only Black Metal to fulfill this for us, do you not agree?

Niht also deal with enormeous changes in speed and velocity inside the songs as in “Tod.” Vocals changes are also common with some mockery inherited from Hardcore and here portraited as demons and lost souls. Musicwise, rhythm guitars are way more interesting and creative than solo guitars as it can be seen in the aforementioned “Tod.” The guitar textures created help portrait the mood and view the band wishes to pass the fan. It’s wrapped around here in an insane way that keeps the fan attention until the end of the song. Maybe “Arcanum” means the secrets of the human soul translated into Black metal music. If it is so, my congrats. The devil is really in the details.

“Arcanum” sparked my attention because it represents a rebellion. In doing so Niht fullfill a role that from where I’m standing all Metal, and most importantly, all Black Metal bands should fullfil to be the ultimate rebellion against a world where people still starve to death among many other things. In the perfect imaginary world I live in it should be so…

Niht “Arcanum” was released on April 09th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Angst
  2. Schmerz
  3. Lüge
  4. Sucht
  5. Hass
  6. Wahn
  7. Tod

Watch “Wanh” official video here: