Northwind – History

In its fifty years of History Metal has showed an incredible capacity if reinventing itself in the most variable forms. It is breathtaking to see how Metal has evolved and adapted to this new era of information and technological change, and chalenge. Though the Modern Metal you hear today is pretty different from the Metal it was made in the early 1970s, there are some features that seem to resist through time. Northwind and “History” show us that being a band from the 1980s – the band was founded in 1982 – they have adapted their music to resist with flying colors through time and reach the second decade of the new millenia again with flying colors.

At first, the fan will notice that “History” does belong to gold age of Metal, but little by little the impression goes away. Of course, the main drive is the 1980s Metal, but in the background the fan will perceive some slight, but significative, features. First of all, I have to praise the tremendous outstanding vibrating guitar work guitarist Kostas Papadopoulos-Papadimitriou does. The man really knows how to make his interventions precisely and with lots of prowness and emotion. Though by my tally every interventions seems to be really calculated and thought, the general feeling is that they are very spontaneous. Well, and in a way, they really are. I’ve met so few guitarists who had this kind of ability of filling up the spaces into the song with so skillfully. Northwind were capable of combining in their mix the feelings that could apply to each generation of heavy metallers for that they don’t sound old-fashioned or worn-out in any way which is a very difficult thing to achieve.

All the ten tracks herein “History” are vibrating and exciting. Old School Heavy Metal to the ones who appreciates it in its shine and bright version. This album was done by a band that really appreciates what they do. It’s possible to feel it in each note played, in each aspect of their music. Northwind are a band that reinvents Heavy Metal in each track. We must respect that a lot. For that it’s very hard to spark only one track from it. I won’t be unfair and I’ll it to the fan who has the honor of buying “History.” Fair enough.

Northwind  “History” will be released on May 29th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Wooden Walls
  2. King Alexander the Third
  3. Soldier’s Pay
  4. My Dying Day
  5. First Shot
  6. Marathon March
  7. Pyrrhos the Eagle
  8. Aristodemus the Hero
  9. Cry Free – Die Free
  10. The Dog

Watch “King Alexander the Third” official video here: