RONNIE RADKE Says ‘Some Of The SPIRITBOX Fans Are Awful’

Ronnie Radke Falling In Reverse

Canadian metallers SPIRITBOX have recently announced their departure from “The Popular Monstour,” which was headlined by FALLING IN REVERSE and included other bands such as ICE NINE KILLS, UNDEROATH, SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL, CROWN THE EMPIRE, and CATCH YOUR BREATH.

Although the band did not provide an official reason for their decision, there are rumors circulating that it may be due to allegations against FALLING IN REVERSE‘s lead singer, Ronnie Radke. Some people, including Radke himself, are blaming SPIRITBOX fans for the negative backlash against FALLING IN REVERSE, which has led to the band’s difficult decision to withdraw from their scheduled tour dates.

Radke responded to a comment made by a fan regarding SPIRITBOX‘s withdrawal. He expressed empathy towards the band’s situation and complimented the band members as being “so sweet,” but also mentioned feeling sorry for the band due to some of their fans being “awful.”