RUDRA Releases Official Video For Their 10-Minute ‘Ancient Fourth’


RUDRA‘s music is catching on and it’s about time it does! This is the band’s eight full length album and hopefully now they’ll be credited for coming up with something truly unique, a style that they can call their own aka Vedic Metal. New album “Enemy Of Duality” will be out on December 17th, 2016 via Transcending Obscurity Asia. They released a new video for “Ancient Fourth” and you can watch it below.

Vedic metal” pioneers since the early ’90s return this year with their most ambitious album till date. Having worked hard over the years to forge a unique sound that’s a sublime blend of Indian classical music rooted in ancient spirituality and extreme metal encompassing death metal, black metal and thrash metal music, RUDRA have influenced many and more importantly, have set standards. Unheralded overlords of Asia, RUDRA have a cult following that remains mysteriously loyal, as they hone a sound that’s probably unparalleled.

Their latest album, again founded on the principles of Vedic spirituality, extemporizes on the conventional extreme metal template and achieves hitherto unknown sonic effects. Indian classical instruments such as sitar, flute, tablas (Indian percussion) and even a didgeridoo are used for this album, along with female vocals and ritualistic chanting to emanate a genuine, spiritual expression.

Enemy of Duality” is destined to be a landmark from the Orient, one that doesn’t abandon the ancient roots and blends the traditional sounds and philosophies seamlessly into music that’s at once challenging and hypnotic.

1. Abating the Firebrand
2. Slay the Demons of Duality
3. Perception Apparent
4. Acosmic Self
5. Root of Misapprehension
6. Seer of All
7. Hermit in Nididhyasana
8. Ancient Fourth

Previously released single “Slay the Demons of Duality” can be heard here.