RUSH’S ALEX LIFESON ‘Pop Music Today Is Not Guitar-Based Like It Was in the Past’

Rush’s legendary guitarist Alex Lifeson talked about today’s music to Indie Power:

“Generations change, tastes change, music changes. I think for a long time, rock music always occupied a certain area, and pop music came up, and it was all sort of related.

“Pop music today is not so related – it’s not guitar-based like it was in the past – so it’s really, really different.

“Like my grandkids, for example – [they are] 15 and 11 – they listen to all the stuff that they listen to; they listen to rap and some pop music. So I get to hear some of it.

“Our music is not their music, they really don’t connect to it at all, even in that classic rock sense; they’re just not interested in it. So I don’t know where it’s going.

“I just know that I still have a lot of fun playing music. I work with a lot of different people now – very, very different things; a great variety – so that’s what’s really important to me.”