SIX FEET UNDER’s Chris Barnes Calls Dave Mustaine ‘A F*cking A*shole’; MEGADETH Frontman Responds

Earlier today, MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine took to Twitter to call out Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel for what Dave pegs is an inaccuracy in Slagel‘s new book on the history of Metal Blade Records, For The Sake of Heaviness

Slagel quickly apologized, said maybe he misremembered and Mustaine accepted the apology. Then, SIX FEET UNDER and former CANNIBAL CORPSE frontman Chris Barnes tweeted in response to Mustaine‘s comments, calling MEGADETH frontman “a f*cking as*hole”:

Mustaine: “If the fallacy of offering us a deal for $7,000 is any indication of the rest of this book, I hope it’s marked fiction. I’d never sign w/you.”

Barnes: “You sir are a F*CKING AS*HOLE.”

Then Dave responded: “Takes one to know one.”

And Barnes responded as well: “Yeah I guess so.. But you’re the King of the as*holes, enjoy your throne.”