SLIPKNOT’s COREY TAYLOR Addresses People Who Say Nu-Metal Sucks

Corey Taylor 2020

During a recent interview with Bert Kreischer, SLIPKNOT singer Corey Taylor talked about the nu-metal movement, SKID ROW, FAITH NO MORE, and more.

After interviewer noted, “Not to shut off Sebastian Bach, Sebastian Bach can f*cking sing, but he also was beautiful like a woman,” Corey said: “Yeah, he’s one of my heroes, man. The first two SKID ROW albums are amazing and I’ll fight people on it. But at the same time, the thing about Sebastian when he first started was — he also had that crew in the music as well. And those five dudes were so good.

“You could hear the way that Snake [Dave Sabo, guitar] and Scotti [Hill, guitar] — the way their guitars blended together, the way Rachel [Bolan, bass] could put basslines together and write lyrics, the way Rob [Hammersmith] played drums, there was something…

“It’s just like the original five GUNS N’ ROSES guys,” he continued. “There was something so special about that chemistry that we forget sometimes that Sebastian was just the icing on the cake for that. He was the perfect voice for that music and that’s why those albums are still f*cking so righteous.”

When interviewer also named FAITH NO MORE as one of the most underrated bands ever, Corey chimed in: “Yeah, I go back to the [original singer] Chuck Mosley years — love them! FAITH NO MORE, to me, and as much as I love Mike [Patton, vocals], the rest of the band really gets overlooked just by how creative, how good they were. And still are! There are so many bands to me that had a hand in kind of creating who I am, and Faith No More was definitely the band that kind of opened my mind to the fact that you can do anything!

“Unless you lock yourself in a genre, you can f*cking do anything! Who cares what anybody thinks,” Corey continued. “I’m probably one of those people who love ‘Angel Dust’ more than ‘The Real Thing’ because ‘Angel Dust’ was taking it in such another direction. “‘Midlife Crisis’ is probably one of the most perfect pop-heavy tunes ever written because it’s such a f*cking journey, and that song just keeps building and building, and it’s amazing! So good.”

Then interview said, “KORN and LIMP were bands that were very comfortable in success. It was like nice cars, and nice things, and shiny outfits… And as opposed to what grunge was before that, and I’m sure what they held that death metal to black metal too…”

Corey responded: “I’d like to think that that whole nu-metal wave was so important to that next wave of American heavy metal, to be honest.”