Speed Limit – Hit the Wall Review

It’s really impossible to say that this EP “Hit the Wall” isn’t one of the most enthusiastic album of recent times even though this tittle track is also the only track of the EP which is unreleased. The other two tracks “Sweet Morphine” and “Retired Hero” were recorded live at Seeham. I have a few rules here about reviewing and this EP “Hit the Wall” reached one of them that is to review only albums with the bare minimum of three tracks. I think less than three tracks makes it impossible to write a fair review because one or two tracks don’t pass the needed information about the band and its music. It’s got to have more. In this very particular case of Speed Limit and “Hit the Wall” as I don’t know any of the songs it gets easier to write.

Well, Speed Limit had been around from 1979 to 1994 when the band took a break and returned only in 2008. Since then the band has been active releasing three albums: 2010’s “Moneyshot,” 2017’s “Anywhere We Dare,” and the forthcoming “Cut a Long Story Short” from where “Hit the Wall” was taken. Unfortunately, for a band with all this long-time career I wasn’t able to find more info about it.

“Hit the Wall” has, for me, a strong taste of Kiss as it shows the memorable bridges the band used to put in their early 1980s songs. As I said before, the song is enthusiastic. Very enthusiastic and passionate. It’s really a powerhouse. Its pungent guitars and the anthemic chorus give the song an epic like taste. It’s not that difficult to catch oneself singing along with the gluey chorus. “Sweet Morphine” is a bit faster delivering that good old times Saxon’s drumming. The song addresses a little to Saxon not only for the drumming but also for the guitars. “Retired Hero” has a bit of an Iron Maiden taste due to the twin guitars they use in the main riff of the song. The metallic and prominent sound of the bass reinforces this impression. What really gets in the fans mind is really the catchyness of the choruses and the prone of the band to be a powerhouse.

Well, “Hit the Wall” is a good appetizer. Let’s wait for some more.

Speed Limit “Hit the Wall” will be released on May 26th NRT-Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Hit the Wall
  2. Sweet Morphine
  3. Retired Hero

Watch “Hit the Wall” official music video here: