Spitfire – Denial to Fall Review

My dear fan might have noticed that I never say the nationality of the band in the reviews. Never, and I like to keep that way. However, there are exceptions – as usual. The exceptions come from the bands, of course. In this very particular case we’re talking the Greek legend Spitfire – one of the most prominent and pioneers of Metal music in Greece, a country that has legions of affectionate and loving Metal fans and that is giving us great bands. Bands from religious, consertive, and hypocrite countries have my respect. After all I well the drill. I’m from a place just like this. The more religious, the more conservative, the more hypocrite. That’s a rule. Also, Spitfire, a band that has been around since 1984, have a history. The band was having a very promising and inspiring start when their vocalist Dinos Costakis was seriously injured in a car accident. SPITFIRE had everything going for them until that day and the tragic accident that forced Dinos to retire from the stage. Over the course of one night, his emotional voice became metal history before he even reached his peak. Despite adversity, Spitfire found the strength to go on but a few more problems rooted in the music industry led the band’s career in a dark period while they were also pushed to change the name to SPEEDFIRE for a while, releasing the live album “100% Live” in 1990. The band went on with many line-uos changes reaching the new century and the new decade with some releases and now this “Denial to Fall.”

“Denial to Fall” in 2022 doesn’t sound as atrking as it would be in 1992, for instance. However, for the fan that doesn’t knwo the band or its history as I don’t it does quite a movement. Take for instance tittle track “Denial to Fall” whose main riff is as clichè as effective – have you my fan ever considered that some riffings are called clichès because they are effective? It just sounds great right because of its nostalgic mooding. But maybe this track isn’t the right track to really show what the album is. In many ways Spitfire maintain the 1980s vein but with a modern stand. The punch is modern, or modernized, maybe. Some tracks as “Back to Zero” shows vocalist Tassos Krokodilos that has a tone of voice near the one James Hetfield has today. For Spitfire’s and the fan’s sake I wish Metallica had updated thier music as Spitfire did here. I guess this feeling explains pretty well the feeling of the album. Spitfire knew how to update their music without loosing – or selling – their soul. Just it.

“Denial to Fall” is an album to both nostalgic and eager Metal fans. You won’t be disappointed.

Spitfire “Denial to Fall” was released on January 21st via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Stand and Fight
  2. Wasted
  3. Denial to Fall
  4. Unholy
  5. Ready to Attack
  6. On My Own
  7. Many Lies
  8. Naked Fire
  9. Back to Zero

Watch “Denial to Fall” official lyric video here: