Supersuckers – Suck It

Supersuckers are a band with a classic rock grip. A strong taste of AC/DC and Rolling Stones with some spice. The spice here is the sense of humor, a good that lacks these days. Some boogie-woogie with overdriven guitars, harsh vocals, and interesting lyrics. That what makes Supersuckers interesting. “Dead Inside” is totally in the mood of last Rolling Stones effort with a strong 1980ish grip. A bit bitter for me, I think.

There is also a rolling stonish ballad called “The Worst Thing Ever” with a smooth and pleasant keyboard and some sweet guitar chords. “The Worst Thing Ever” go in a crescendo to reach a peak to then remain in medium tempo pace. Vocals are insteresting, pretty much 1980ish with some dashes of punk rock. As a matter of fact, Supersuckers vocals are punkish at all as some songs as well like in “What’s Up (With This MF’n Thing?).” Well, the tittle says a lot about it.

If you are interested in some high-octaned and full of adrenaline rock’n’roll from the 1980s, Supersuckers are your thing. Here’s a band that puts up the shoes of a well-played and true classic rock’n’roll. Almost a Rolling Stones with a punkish vocals if I had to explain them in a few words. “Private Parking Lot” is a delicious track with some hammered piano parts. Boogie woogie at large. But the thing gets real hard rocked in “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers” with its southern rock accent. Full of slide guitars and great drumming with no fussy. Great call.

Supersuckers “Suck It” is a fun effort. The one that you hear with a smile in your face and a bottle of a cheap bourbon. Is there anything better?

Supersuckers “Suck It” will be released on September 21st via SPV / Steamhammer.

Track Listing:

  1. All Of the Time
  2. The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll
  3. Dead Inside
  4. Breaking My Balls
  5. The Worst Thing Ever
  6. What’s Up (With This Motherf*cking Thing?)
  7. Cold Wet Wind
  8. (I’m Gonna Choke Myself and Mast*rbate) ‘Til I Die
  9. Private Parking Lot
  10. Beerdrinkers and Hellraisers

Watch “Breaking My Balls” official video here: