TED NUGENT Commends ALICE COOPER And CARLOS SANTANA For ‘Showing Courage’ With Controversial Anti-Trans Remarks

Ted Nugent Alice Cooper

On his show “The Nightly Nuge,” Ted Nugent praised Alice Cooper and Carlos Santana for their controversial anti-trans comments. Nugent expressed his admiration for both musicians, defending their opinions despite the backlash they received.

Alice Cooper faced considerable fallout for his remarks, including the end of his partnership with Vampire Cosmetics. Cooper had referred to gender grooming as a “fad” and made disparaging comments about the trans community, leading the proudly female and LGBT+ owned company to sever ties with him. Despite the controversy, Nugent stood by both Cooper and Santana, commending their courage.

Ted said: “Well, I, number one, love both of the gentlemen madly. I mean, talking about enriching our lives. Alice Cooper — great, great fans, great musicians, great song, great entertainer. Vaudeville with rock and roll. Who doesn’t love vaudeville with rock and roll? Alice Cooper‘s a dear friend. Plus he’s becoming more and more, shall I say, Christian over the years, which may have motivated him to stand up against anti-Christian stuff, which is the drag queen scourge, where they sing to little boys and girls, ‘I love it when you kiss me where I pee.’

“That is just perverted, that is sinful, that is dangerous, that is criminal, that is horrible. And I think Alice Cooper showed some courage when he stood up and said the self-evident truth, which is an indication of our cultural abandonment in 2023, that we have to actually have to mention that men can’t get pregnant and that women can’t actually have a penis erect in their life, unless it’s one of ours. The point being that Alice Cooper finally stepped up and admitted the truth that there’s only men and women, which I’ve been saying on stage, which is why my audiences every night are so special because they’re only made up of men and women. This is a beautiful acknowledgement to why my music is so sexy.”

“And Carlos Santana. I love Carlos. He has enriched our lives with his miraculous music. A dedicated, loving, peaceful man,” Nugent continued. “But he also showed courage recently when he acknowledged — that we have to acknowledge there’s only men and women is truly an embarrassing time for mankind. But Carlos, I love you. Good work. And Alice Cooper, I love you. Good work.”