Ted Nugent Bon Scott

In a new interview with David Nino Rodriguez, Ted Nugent discussed his strong stance against drugs and alcohol.

Asked if he didn’t drink at all, Ted said: “No drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco, and no stupid food. Well not ‘no stupid food’ because when I was graduating from the anti-education system in 1967… Anyhow, I was raised as a bowhunter. Now, let’s really give the overview of what a bowhunter is — he’s got to be super-tuned into his surroundings, you talk about situational awareness — when you’re in the ring, you got to literally anticipate the attack, you have to be so samurai.

“Well, as a bow hunter it’s so impossible, it’s almost impossible to get close to a deer with a sharp stick. God created them to avoid us with all these mystical 6th and 7th and 8th senses of escape, they’re mystical. But when you apply yourself and you stumble in that arena, but you get back up and brush yourself off, and you learn to take a conscientious step, and be the brother of the deer, be the wind in the spirit life of god’s creation.

“And believe me when I tell you this — bow hunters that eat venison have to do this, or you’ll end up buying chicken because if you’re stumbling, or if you’re comfortably numb, you can’t get close to a deer. And you really appreciate your natural reasoning predatorship resource steward conservation reverence for the wise use of renewable resources, that’s what venison is, while you’re balancing the herds and the flocks, and you come away educated to your responsible role in nature. So when people offered me drugs and alcohol, which was everywhere…!”

“I’m a defiant son of a b*tch,” he continued. “If you propose something to me that my brain says is stupid, I’m gonna just tell you, ‘No way, dirtbag!’ By the way, the people who offered me drugs and alcohol. There was spittle in the corner of their mouths, they had boogers coming out of their nose, they couldn’t form a sentence, they forgot this incredible soulful Motown arrangement to the songs…

“And I’m going, ‘Wait a minute, you want me to partake in a process and an indulgence that reduces your level of awareness, causes you to stumble, drool, throw up and die?’ I told Jimi Hendrix he was going to die, I told John Belushi was going to die, I told Keith Moon he was going to die, I told Bon Scott he was going to die! I mean, come on guys, are you kidding me?

“You’re stumbling and bumping in, and you don’t even finish the damn song on stage you’re so wrecked! So luckily, as a bowhunter, I so valued what my dad taught me about stealth and responsible behavior, not just literally but figuratively.

“A conscientious step in life will be rewarded with a close encounter with a deer or picking up on the jam session with B.B. King or Chuck Berry. But if you’re drunk or stoned, your radar goes down. Can you imagine getting in the ring and being the best that you can be if you’re drunk or stoned? You’re done. You’re gonna get your ass kicked!”