TESTAMENT Criticized For ‘Garbage’ Sound On European Tour

Chuck Billy

Thrash metal legends TESTAMENT have officially kicked off their much-anticipated European tour! The tour began May 26 in Wiesbaden, Germany, and band also took the stage again on May 27 at the Rock Hard Festival.

However, it seems that not everything has been smooth sailing for the band. Despite the excitement and anticipation surrounding the tour, some fans have been expressing their disappointment with the sound quality during TESTAMENT‘s performances.

VIO-LENCE guitarist Phil Demmel is temporarily replacing Alex Skolnick, TESTAMENT‘s usual lead guitarist, who is missing some spring/summer 2023 European tour dates to address a family crisis.

On Friday, May 26, Demmel had a performance with VIO-LENCE at Milwaukee Metal Fest. Consequently, TESTAMENT played as a quartet at the opening show of their European tour that same evening in Wiesbaden.

Even though Demmel made it to perform at Rock Hard Festival, fans still were not happy with band’s overall quality of sound.

Some of the comments fans left on band’s social media can be read below:

Less stoked u played friday without any lead guitarist, u announced demmel filling in for alex, but not at weisbaden 1st nite of tour, testament a are not a 4piece, even when digorgio played his amazing fingers off filling in for missing guitar. Disappointed to say the least.

“Your sound at Rock Hard Festival was the most sh*ttiest i ever heard to. Crowd was really angry of it. Kick your sound guy, really. He has no idea what he does.

What the f*ck did I just “listen” to at Rockhard Festival? Your sound was absolutely crap, although every other band at the festival had a really good (to brilliant) sound this weekend.

I hope the sound is better than it was at Rock Hard Festival 2023 many of us left early. Piss poor

What the f*ck did you today ? So bad – if seen Testament many times but this was f*cking bad. We are in the middle of the concert- there more people outside smoking than listening this sh*t

The sound was just garbage. Craziness…. that was nothing people. Got out after the fourth song too(translated via Google Translate)

Total disaster! What a bad sound! I’m disappointed to the max!(translated via Google Translate)

Testament Comments

Some of the fan-filmed footage from both shows can be seen below.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that TESTAMENT will quickly address these sound issues and get back to rocking our faces off!