The Unity – The Unity

“The Unity” is  a piece that surprises at first. The first track, “Rise And Fall”, has all elements of a catchy song. If it were the 1990s, I’d say it would be a sureshot to american radiostations. The Unity is the perfect blend of 1990s instrumentals with 1980s vocals. I mean, imagine Joe Linn Turner being the singer to Hammerfall. That almost does it. I guess this maybe because The Unity is the junction of two Gamma Ray members Michael Ehré (drums) and Henjo Richter (guitar). The guys have lots of experience and punch. It’s a piece to sing along with no shame.

Let’s take the fourth track as an example. Gianba Manenti’s singing act was taken to perfection. So full of emotion. But a bit more, “Firesing” would get as cheesier as Joe Lin Turner gets sometimes. The best thing about “The Unity” is that each piece is a different history. No track is like each other. And that’s huge. The odd thing is that  it was “Always Just You” which keeps the flame. The flame of emotion plus harsh guitar parts. So singing along too. And there goes all the album. Sometimes 1980s Ozzy as “The Wishing Well”, sometimes 1970s Judas Priest as “The Redeemer”. All great references.

The last two tracks sound too much like Journey for the best and for the worst. You will catch yourself dancing on the floor to “Killer Instinct” and “Never Forget”. Just for the record: I didn’t, okay! I said I didn’t!

Track Listing:

  1. Rise And Fall
  2. No More Lies
  3. God Of Temptation
  4. Firesign
  5. Always Just You
  6. Close To Crazy
  7. The Wishing Well
  8. Eden’s Fall
  9. Redeemer
  10. Super Distortion
  11. Killer Instinct
  12. Never Forget

You can watch “Rise And Fall” official video here:

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