Till Lindemann Shelby Lynn

RAMMSTEIN singer Till Lindemann faced a legal setback in his dispute with Shelby Lynn, according to Germany’s Bild.

Lindemann‘s lawyers attempted to secure a cease-and-desist order against Lynn over her public accusations against him, which included claims of abuse and drugging her at a concert. However, the Hamburg Regional Court ruled in favor of Lynn, stating that her public comments were personal evaluations rather than expressions of suspicion, thereby dismissing Lindemann‘s application.

Despite this, Lindemann‘s legal team has portrayed the court ruling as a victory, contending that it supports their client’s innocence. Nevertheless, Lynn‘s lawyer criticized the fact that she had to face legal action for sharing her experiences.

In May, Shelby Lynn, a 24-year-old woman from Northern Ireland, publicly accused Till Lindemann of drugging, injuring, and attempting to coerce her into sexual activities during a concert in Vilnius. Since her revelation, numerous other women have stepped forward, alleging they have endured comparable experiences in the past years.

According to the AFP news agency, the investigation into Till Lindemann‘s alleged sexual assault is being carried out by Berlin prosecutors, who initiated it themselves and also based it on several criminal complaints filed by third parties who were not directly involved in the incidents.

The recent scandal involving RAMMSTEIN emerged when accusations of abuse were leveled against Till Lindemann. Young female fans claimed that they were handpicked by a Russian “casting director” named Alena Makeeva to attend exclusive parties with the band, particularly Lindemann. These women alleged that they were groomed and sexually assaulted by Lindemann at these events, with some also accusing him of drugging their drinks.