TOOL Fan Delays His Wedding To Attend Concert, Bride Understandably Upset

Tool Wedding

Could you consider rescheduling your wedding if your most adored band was performing locally on your wedding day? Shockingly, a TOOL fan did just that, leading to a fallout with his fiancé who has since returned to her parents’ home. Consequently, he might have sabotaged his own matrimonial celebration.

One unfortunate fan sought counsel on the band’s Reddit page, following an attempt to reschedule their wedding in order to attend a TOOL concert. The individual revealed that this decision resulted in the most catastrophic row they’d ever had with their soon-to-be spouse, leading her to temporarily move in with her parents. The term “postponed” might be overstating the situation, given that the circumstance appears almost unrecoverable.

“So me and my wife are getting married (unfortunately) on the third of October which is the day tool will be in our town of Loveland,CO,” wrote u/Past_Salamander5361 on TOOL’s Reddit page. “So I told my wife I don’t want to be married on the third because tool was in town. That lead to the worst fight of our lives and she went to go live with her parents and it seems that all her relatives are on her side what should I do.”

It’s crucial to note that since this incident was shared on Reddit, there’s a possibility that it could be a fabrication by the person who posted it. However, irrespective of its veracity, the post sparked a significant amount of debate in the comments section. Some people believed the fiancé should be more empathetic towards their partner’s passion for TOOL, while others found it absurd that they were contemplating rescheduling their wedding because of a concert.

“Congratulations, this is the most TOOL fan post I’ve ever seen,” the top comment reads.

“Dude — as someone who was married and divorced – my wedding day was one of the best days of my life,” another user wrote. “The fact that you’re upset that you’re going to miss a concert because of your wedding is mind blowing to me and your soon to be (hopefully) wife is right to be upset. TOOL will play again. You hopefully only get married once. I mean this in the most loving way possible — stop being selfish and understand that you are marrying your best friend which I would take any day over seeing a band. Sheesh,”