Top 6 best metal love songs to get you ready for a date

Dani Filth Romantic

If you’re a fan of metal music and seeking a partner, where have you tried connecting? Gigs might seem the ideal location, but thundering PA systems aren’t conducive to amiable chat! Why not try a dating site? Popping ‘dating for metal fans’ into a search engine will provide a stream of possible options. You can engage with fellow metalheads in chat rooms of online flirting site. There are secure communication channels for flirting and sending messages and you’ll find it easy to meet someone compatible. Once you’ve arranged a date, here are some banging metal love songs to get you in the mood.

Cradle Of Filth – The Death Of Love

An extremely noisy metal band from England’s East Anglia, Cradle of Filth may not be the most romantic-sounding of musical backdrops, but if you’re looking for no-nonsense, ear-shredding riffs coupled with a slightly more incongruous aspect of romance, this would be perfect. It tells the story of Joan of Arc, and although her demise was to be burned at the stake for ‘heresy,’ this song focuses on describing the intensity of the relationship between Joan and an ex-love.

Slipknot – Snuff

The Iowa-based band have gained notoriety for their full-on stage performances, frenetic music, and horror movie costumes. But despite the chaos of their live shows and their aggressive musical style, they are capable of moments of tenderness. Despite the song’s title, alluding to murderous activities, the subject matter for this metal anthem is relationships and the age-old dilemma about fretting over someone else’s feelings towards you.

Motörhead – Love Me Forever

Motörhead are synonymous with heavy metal, their lead singer and bassist Lemmy delivering hard-hitting anthems with a voice that sounds as if he has swallowed broken glass. Nevertheless, the subject matter of this ferocious rock song is love. The chain-smoking, Southern Comfort-swigging leather-jacketed rocker wears his heart on his sleeve, proudly declaring, ‘love me forever, or not at all!’

AC/DC – Whole Lotta Rosie

The Australian rockers were seen as the impudent young upstarts on the metal scene when they first exploded in the mid-1970s. Notoriously, they once appeared as a support group to the long-established English band Deep Purple, before getting involved in a full-on brawl with them and their roadies. But this anthem, delivered in vocalist Bon Scott’s inimitable style, is all about his dalliance with a ‘larger than life’ fan. It may be the antithesis of a cutesy ballad, but no one can deny the passion of his loving description of a frantic one-night stand!

Ratt – Round And Round

The prime exponent of the 1980s genre of heavy rock known as ‘glam metal,’ also less-flatteringly nicknamed ‘hair metal,’ San Diego band Ratt were a huge commercial success, with gold and multi-platinum certified albums. Despite their lurid spandex trousers and flamboyant hairstyles, they were also known for thunderous roofs and raucous rhythms. In this sensitive song, singer Steven Pearcy tells of meeting someone he is extremely attracted to for clandestine nighttime meetings.

Black Sabbath – Gypsy

In many circles, the Sabs are credited with inventing heavy metal in England’s Birmingham in the early 1970s. Guitarist Tony Iommi lost part of his right hand in a metalwork factory accident but taught himself to play left-handed. In this epic track from their album Technical Ecstasy, singer Ozzy Osborne describes being entranced by a mysterious but alluring gypsy. Falling under her spell might have led to a night of unbridled pleasure, but the aftermath threatens some disturbing consequences. In typical metal style, the romantic sentiments eventually spiral into one of Iommi’s mesmeric guitar solos.