Uttertomb – Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist

I sometimes see myself puzzled with the great deal of labels bands get these days.  Some bands are easily put into the box of genres and names. Others are like hell to name them. Uttertomb “Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist” are a band that drove my attention to it. How to label them? My decision was not to. I’d rather enjoy the music.

This world of Metal keeps surprising us. To say that Uttertomb’s music is dark and dense is redundant. There’s something different about Uttertomb. I can say for sure that Uttertomb is one of the most different bands I’ve heard. There’s a lot of early black metal bands influence in Uttertomb, such as Venom. I dare to say that some Venom’s aspects are lively put into their music. I’m talking about the atmosphere Venom created with songs like “Buried Alive,” which is able to make you feel like you’re inside a coffin and there’s no turning back. All that anguish comes through the lyrical lines. Uttertomb “Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist” makes you feel the same. The six tracks are full of that anguish, you feel like being part of the music. The guitar solos in “The Necrocentrist” make you feel like you’re being buried alive, or like you’re making a journey to the underworld, and the guitarist is playing an ode to it. You can actually picture him doing this.

It helped me a lot to acknowledge that necrocentrism is the egiptian belief in the afterlife, then, necrocentrism is the basis of egiptian religion. That made me understand Uttertomb much better. Then I realised that “Choking Casket” is intended to make you feel like if a pharao during the ritual contained in the egyptian “Book Of The Dead.” But you’re alive choking inside and fighting for your life. It’s not easy to believe in the afterlife when you’re choking to death. That’s Uttertomb’s intent throughout “Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist.” How to believe in the afterlife if you have to die? That’s a reasonable doubt.

The three tracks directly related to the ritual described in “Book Of The Dead” and the necrocentical aspects are intentionally longer. Uttertomb take it seriously the idea of telling stories through their music. That aspect of egyptian culture has always fascinated us, and Uttertomb brought all that back. Cheers to them!

Uttertomb “Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist” is not an easy album to listen. It’s not a regular death metal band. It’s much more. Uttertomb with “Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist” offer us despair beyond comprehensionBut once you’re into it, there’s no way not to like it. I suggest you to dive into Uttertomb “Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist” and make the passage through the worlds… Of Uttertomb’s music, of course!

Track Listing:

  1. Venomous Flesh Rain
  2. Ascencion Ritual
  3. Choking Casket
  4. Swalled By Graves
  5. Necrological Fascination
  6. The Necrocentrist

Uttertomb “Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist” was released on June 23rd via Pulverised Records.

Watch “The Necrocentrist” video here: