VARG Talks Killing EURONYMOUS: When I Claimed Self-Defense, It Wasn’t From Legal Perspective – It Was From Moral Perspective

Varg Vikernes

In his new video Varg Vikernes talked about killing his MAYHEM bandmate Euronymous in 1993, for which he served time in prison.

He said: (as transcribed by

“So there we are – 1994, May. I’m in court in Oslo and I’m charged with murder. What is my plea? Let’s find out.

“Some of you might think that I claimed self-defense, but I didn’t. I explained what happened and I also explained that I understood that from a legal perspective, I had gone beyond what is defined as self-defense.

“Even though he attacked me, he was from a legalperspective no longer a direct threat to me when he failedto get a hold of the kitchen knife and then when he tried to flee.

“From a legal perspective, instead of running after him to stop him from fleeing the scene, and surely instead of killing him when I had managed to stop him, I should have just let him run.

“So I understood that what I had done was voluntary manslaughter, but, I did that in self-defense.

“I killed him there and then because he tried to kill me. What else did he plan to do with the knife right after having attacked me?! Cut a slice of bread and have a chocolate milk?

“Also, when he failed to kill me, I did not give him a second chance at killing me, because I knew he planned to murder me.

“So when I claim self-defense, it’s not from a legal perspective – it’s from a moral perspective. I defended my life. I did what I had to do in that situation. But from a legal point of view, it was voluntary manslaughter.

“And then you have those people who claim that *adopts whiny voice* ‘You can’t stab someone 23 times in self-defense dude, lol!’ But, why wouldn’t you?

“In a fight to death, adrenaline will keep you fighting until you either kill your foe or until he kills you. If you have a 12-gauge shotgun or a big Bowie knife, like I did at home, you can kill a person rather easily and fast.

“But if you come unprepared and only have a tiny boot knife – pocket-knife size, but not folding, that is not even sharp – it was only pointy – it might take some effort to kill the attacker high on adrenaline.

“My foe didn’t stop fighting until I thrusted my little knife through his forehead. That, though, killed him instantly.

“And yes, he was fighting. He attacked me in the apartment, and he stopped to fight two times on his way down the stairs.

“The court psychiatrist described the killing of Øystein Aarseth [Euronymous] as ‘a school example of voluntary manslaughter.’ Why did he? Let’s find out.

“You see, the fact that there are multiple stabs, multiple cuts, that there has been a fight, suggests that it was actually manslaughter. Something has occurred here that was not planned.

“It’s a melee, it’s a complete mess. That’s not what happens when you murder people. Let’s conclude that I killed him in self-defense, but from a legal point of view, it was voluntary manslaughter.

“But, I was convicted for murder and that’s why I object. Note also that I’m not talking about this because it’s fun to do so, because I’m bragging, as some people claim.

“I talk about this because people are making freaking films [referring to ‘Lords of Chaos’], slanderous films about it, and the media has been spearing out lies about this for more than 20 years.

“When I know the truth, I feel it’s my duty to talk up against their lies. It’s that simple. Thanks for watching.”