VIO-LENCE’s SEAN KILLIAN, Who Was Hospitalized With COVID-19, Defends His Decision To Not Take Vaccine

Sean Killian

VIO-LENCE singer Sean Killian, who was hospitalized with COVID-19 earlier in the month, has defended his decision to not take the coronavirus vaccine, saying “it’s about freedom” for him.

He first revealed his COVID-19 diagnosis in a social media post on August 22, writing: “I entered the hospital to be treated for Covid. I contracted the virus from a friend who was unaware he was carrying it. I am feeling much better but my lung capacity at this time is diminished. My oxygen absorption is good and all my other symptoms have gone away. I will have a recovery period that will take some time.” That same day, Killian blasted Harald Oimoen as a “coward” after the former D.R.I. bassist said that he had “no sympathy” for adults who refuse vaccination against COVID-19 and then become sick.

Sean returned to social media on August 26 to share a video update on his health, revealing that he had been discharged from the hospital after spending several days receiving medical treatment.

“I have been vaccinated more than anyone you probably know who hasn’t been through the same sh*t that I’ve been through,” he said. “Because I’ve been through a lot of sh*t. Before my [liver transplant] surgery — Jesus Christ — I couldn’t count the vaccines I had to take. And there were deadlines, like if you didn’t take it now, you ain’t getting your surgery. So… I’m not against people getting [the vaccine].

“You wanna get the vaccine? Get the vaccine. I support you a hundred percent. It’s your choice — it’s your choice. And it’s not even about the vaccine for me; it’s about freedom. I’m a free man. I’m internal. My freedom comes from within, not from anyone else. Nobody determines my freedom. So, don’t step on my freedom — that’s all. And don’t step on other people’s [freedom].

He continued: “I heard comments about, ‘Oh, if you don’t take the vaccine, you deserve what you get.’ Well, guess what. Do obese people deserve to have heart disease? Should they be left out? Should smokers not be treated for lung cancer because they made these choices to do this? Obese people have heart disease, diabetes — all these things. Now, under the same analogy of, ‘If you don’t take the vaccine, you should suffer,’ well, then those people, you should apply it to them too. Because they should suffer.

“But I don’t believe that. I believe people should be free to do what they want. If you wanna go to f*cking McDonalds and eat 20 cheeseburgers and f*cking wake up in the morning and eat 20 breakfast f*cking McNugget sh*t — whatever the f*ck they serve over there, ’cause I don’t eat that crap — go for it. That’s your business. My business is not someone else’s business. Like I said, my freedom’s internal. I decide — no one else.

“I’m not anti-vaxx. I just make my own decisions. And freedom is the number one decision for me — to make my own choices. And I hope all of you do the same.”

VIO-LENCE previously announced upcoming EP: Let the World Burn – their first original release since 1993′s Nothing to Gain! Due to be unleashed in early 2022 via Metal Blade Records, Let the World Burn was recorded with Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios in Pacheco, CA, with mixing handled by Tue Madsen.

VIO-LENCE was born in 1985 in the womb of thrash metal’s inception: San Francisco’s East Bay Area. With a ferocious blend of blazing guitar riffs, relentless rhythm, and an ultra-aggressive vocal style, they have an intensity unmatched in metal. After disbanding in late 1993, their music and legacy still drew metal-heads from around the world. A return to live performances began in mid-April 2019 and they have not looked back.