Watch AARON LEWIS Drunkenly Performs STAIND’s ‘It’s Been A While’ Twice During Delaware Concert

Aaron Lewis Drunk

STAIND frontman Aaron Lewis mistakenly performed the band’s hit song “It’s Been A While” twice during his solo concert last night (July 21) in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

After playing “It’s Been A While” earlier in the set, Lewis revisited the track at a later point, only becoming aware of his error as he was finishing the song for the second time.

He told the crowd: “You know what I’m realizing right this second? That I’m drunk enough that I should be playing ‘Outside’ right now, and instead I’m playing a f*cking song I already played tonight. Which means I might be slightly overserved. So should I play the f*cking song that I was supposed to be playing the whole f*cking time? Because maybe I might have smoked a little bit too much weed tonight.

“I will say that’s a first. That’s a first right there… I’ll hear about that one tomorrow. Actually, I’m gonna call you out and we’ll see whether you guys out me tomorrow for that. So I guess we’ll just see how much y’all love me, ’cause no one else except everybody in this room just saw that happen, so you can give me a free pass. It is entirely and totally up to you, so we’ll see whether I’m hiding my face in shame tomorrow, ’cause I have definitely seen a whole lot of cameras recording this, which… super comfortable.”